Lagoon Explorer with 4 cabins provides a comfortable cruise for charter groups, a family, or couples sharing the boat. Like the Vintage Junks, This is designed with sophistication and a thorough attention to detail for you - our passengers’ enjoyment. It features 2 decks with beautiful dining areas on the top. This allows you enjoy the panorama view during your meals and fresh air from the bay. Her cabins are carefully decorated with large sea view windows. You're able to admire the beauty of the bays right from the beds.

All four cabins in our Lagoon Explorer are en suite, equipped with modern furniture, air-conditioning in hot days and heater in winter.

classic sails

En-suite Cabin (Each has 1 double bed & 1 single bed)

24.30 m x 5.78 m

Classic Style

Steel boat

1 Floor + Sundeck with bay-view dinning place

Launched in late 2018